EU Ambassador hopes Georgians vote in a calm, peaceful and secure environment

EU Ambassador to Georgia Carl Hartzell is observing the October 2 local elections going on in Georgia. He said he hoped that Georgian voters would be able to vote in a calm, peaceful and secure environment.

“Today is Election Day. It is a very special day for any democracy. It is a day when it is time for politicians, commentators, opinion makers to be silent. It is time for voters to come out and speak their minds and do so at the ballot boxes. We have seen for the last couple of weeks, even for the last 24 hours, the polarization that remains in political life here in Georgia that I find regrettable. One thing all political sides agree on is the essentiality to come out today and cast their vote. I hope and trust that today it will be possible to come out in a calm, peaceful and secure environment. I also hope that you, journalists, will be able to enjoy the same safety and security when you carry out reporting today,” Carl Hartzell said.

The Ambassador also recalled the Covid pandemic-related regulations.

“I have to remind everyone of the need to take necessary precautionary measures in the polling stations as well as outside, and to make sure that health and well-being of everyone are protected. And I would also urge every one of those going out to vote to protect themselves by showing the necessary social distancing,” he said.

EU Ambassador claimed that the October 2 elections were important for Georgia’s future. He expressed hope that Georgia would pass this ‘test of democracy convincingly.’

“As a friend and supporter for Georgia, I hope this day, the day when democracy delivers for all its citizens. It is an important event, elections, and it is going to be very important for Georgia’s future that this test of democracy is passed convincingly. And tomorrow we will be here from international observers, including the OSCE/ODIHR and European Parliamentarians that are here, their view and their verdict in this respect. I would like to wish you a good day, and I will now follow the voting process,” Carl Hartzell said.

Will you cast your vote?